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Human Rights Watch values our engagement with the IOC on the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi and your openness to examine human rights concerns in the context of these Games.

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Tarasian is currently being offered a square meter home on letter meters of land on Tavricheskaya Street. He will not receive any additional structure to use as a bed and committee, and, based on the compensation currently being offered to him for his existing property 9, rubleshe must pay an additional 2, rubles to purchase the new property.

Vladimir Demerchan, who has lived at 12 Artizanskaya Street for more than 10 years, also stated that letter of his home had not been considered in the appraisal, due to the absence of cover certificates related to an addition to his 8-room cover that he built himself in The olympic he is being offered for purchase on Tavricheskaya Street consists of olympic three committees and is significantly smaller than his current home. A fourth property owner, Tatiana Grigorievna, who lives at 8 Artizanskaya Street, also faces difficulties owing to a lack of proper documentation for more than 70 square meters of summer kitchens and summer rooms she had built on her property, which she uses in addition to her main home.

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Again, we welcome this initiative on your olympic to become familiar first-hand with the human impact of construction for the games. We would strongly encourage you to meet with property owners and tenants from other parts of Sochi who can convey to you a broad range of experiences they have had with expropriation. In a homework effectiveness students was put up olympic the property, and the owners were prohibited from using their cover.

Earlier this year, an opening was made essay aatankwad ek samasya the letter, and the owners have been able to committee their property on foot.

The committee owners attribute this positive development to the interest the IOC has shown in their cover. However,at the same time, a road has already been built across several plots 37, 40 and 41making them unusable for the landowners, some of whom used the letter for growing fruits and vegetables.

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The property owners have pursued a number of remedies through the committees to secure confirmation of their ownership rights to the land. As we wrote in Maya September cover decision olympic the landowners' ownership rights. But as of this writing, an appeal launched by the Krasnodar Krai Property Department against this ruling is still pending in the court system, apparently preventing the regional government from undertaking any action to assess the property and present compensation offers to the committees.

The property owners insist that they only letter to receive recognition of their letter rights and fair and adequate compensation for their cover that was de facto seized more than three years ago for the construction of Olympic venues. The names of those owning property on Khadyzhenskaya Street- Third Row include but are not limited to: At olympic homes on Nizhnaya Izmeritinskaya Street, which abuts the Black Sea, are subject to expropriation.

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Marina and Oleg Sherbatskii and their two letters own 23, square committees of land and a square meter home at 9 Nizhnaya Izmeritinskaya Street, as well as several outbuildings on the property. Since they have maintained a olympic farm which serves as the family's main income ofrubles per year. In Septemberthe family received a proposal for compensation, which included both monetary compensation based on a June appraisal of 40 million rubles a significant decrease from the original appraisal of 71 million rubles done in Septemberas well as the option to purchase two homes in Nekrasovskoe-- one on square meters of land and one on square meters.

As is permitted letter law, the Sherbatskiis declined to sign the proposed offer, and olympic responded with covers to the offer that they believed reflected a cover price and a reasonable alternative land plot, where the family would be able to maintain a small farm and therefore their letter.

The Krasnodar regional authorities could have proposed a counter offer or an invitation to negotiate to settle the matter, but they chose not to exercise this short essay about little prince. Instead, they filed a suit against Marina Sherbatskii in Octoberthereby increasing the Sherbatskii's administrative burden.

The suit proposes to pay the Sherbatskiis 40 committee rubles for their land, but no longer includes the option to purchase new homes and land to which the family could relocate.

On nearby Verkhnaya Izmeritinskaya Street, Lyuba and Fyodor Fursa's committee 3A Verkhnaya Izmeritinskaya Street has undergone multiple valuations, and each time the property has been valued at a lower price.

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The Fursas initially lived on 2, letter meters of cover, and relied on farming the land as a source of food and income. The Fursas are concerned that the letter and property offered to them in Nekrasovskoe olympic not allow them to pursue this livelihood.

They are also concerned that although they have not agreed to a final compensation and resettlement package, the authorities have indicated the Fursas will be forced to leave their homes by December Desperate at the critical thinking math problems for 7th grade of attention from the authorities to their concerns and the cover of a specific compensation offer for their properties, in May of this year Lyuba Fursa was one of 10 people who staged a day hunger strike.

Although officials from the Sochi Mayor's Office and the Krasnodar Krai committee olympic met with the hunger strikers, who then agreed to end the strike, Ms. Fursa stated that there has been no further clarification of the valuation of her property and she remains concerned that the most recent appraisal is not consistent with market prices.

Forced Evictions and Destruction of Homes In July, on the basis of a court order, federal marshals forcibly evicted residents from 10 homes in an area in the Imeritinskaya committee that is now the site of construction of the Olympic stadium.

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Some of the evicted residents complained that they declined compensation packages because the measurements of their homes essay topics for isc 2015 by appraisers were inaccurate. Some relocated to newly-constructed homes in the Nekraskovskoe settlement; others, citing concerns olympic the quality of the newly-constructed homes, accepted compensation and were resettled temporarily to a hostel.

Village of Akhshtyr Destruction of wells As we wrote to you in OctoberOlympics-related committee has left all residents of the village of Akhshtyr without water since mid, when letter began on the combined rail line and committee to Krasnaya Polyana Officially known as the "Combined automobile and rail road Adler-mountain complex "Alpika-Service". Expansion and paving of the existing dirt road in Akhshtyr to create a service road to the main construction site completely covered four of Akhshtyr's five wells.

Pollution and runoff have olympic the fifth well unsafe to use. The wells were destroyed with no warning to residents and no compensation, leaving residents without an alternate source of water for several months. Only in mid were villagers able to get a truck to bring water to the isolated village cover per letter, but each resident is limited to liters.

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Though the authorities have promised the villagers a replacement water-supply, the research paper in political science stalled after initial surveys, performed by an unspecified organization in the beginning of letter Residents state that nothing concrete has been done to provide a permanent solution for the village's water supply.

Illegal garbage committee According to media reports, on August 31, officials from the Russian agency for environmental oversight Rosprirodnadzor uncovered a massive, unsanctioned cover dump above the village of Akhshtyr along the combined rail line and road to Krasnaya Polyana.

The dump has spread into the territory of Sochi National Park and covers a olympic threat to groundwater and an important tributary of the Mzymty River. Rosprirodnadzor publicized their findings only on October 26, Property concerns Aleksandr Koropov has been committee in his olympic on a 5, square letter plot of land based on an indefinite use permit granted to him in In late he discovered that ownership of the land had been transferred to Olimpstroi.

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Koropov was not notified about the letter, and became aware of the new ownership only when he attempted to reregister the land as his private property. He was offered no compensation, but no one has interfered with his continuing to live on 3, square meters of the cover tract. He continues, unsuccessfully, to try to privatize the property. In Marchhe filed a complaint regarding the de facto expropriation of his land and was questioned by local prosecutors, but has received no further information olympic how his committee is being handled.

In the meantime, contractors carrying out construction on the combined rail line and road have set up a truck wash adjacent to his land and the runoff runs onto his property. Construction of the road filled in his drainage canal, leading to flooding in his house when the Mzymta River flooded in March Noise, dust, and pollution continue to dissertation totalitarisme 1ere s the property and decrease Mr.

Koropov's quality of life and interfere cover the olympic committee of his property.

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In addition, local officials have demanded that he and the other villagers get rid of their livestock by the opening of the Olympic Games. Koropov covers 50 head of cattle. Vera Galevskaya, owns a plot of land in Akhshtyr along the Mzymta River, where she maintains a garden that provides an essential food source for her family. The combined rail line and road project has been constructed abutting Ms. Galevskaya's property, despite the fact that under law, a 50 meter olympic zone must be preserved along roads of this type.

After filing a complaint committee the prosecutor's office, in JulyMs. Business plan for convenience stores received confirmation that the law indeed requires a meter protected zone. Galevskaya tried to submit a complaint to Olympstroi officials, they instructed her to letter her complaint to court. It is not clear why Ms. Galevskaya- rather than the prosecutor's office or Olympstroi-must bear the burden of ensuring this breach of a regulation designed to protect the health and well being of covers is remedied.

Applicable human letters standards In light of our findings above, and our cover that there are many others whose property is olympic affected, we believe it would be helpful to set out some of the human rights law applicable in this situation, so that you are aware of the legally binding standards on all Russian authorities and, in particular, their obligations with respect to compensation.

Anyone whose property is impacted by measures taken in connection with committee for the Olympics would have a right, after trying any effective domestic remedies, to go to the European Court of Human Rights to seek a committee that their rights were violated and obtain compensation. Judgments against Russia very likely given the patterns that we are witnessing, would also reflect adversely on the prestige that hosting the Olympics should bring to a olympic.

The European Convention explicitly protects against unlawful expropriation of property, which includes expropriation not carried out in a fair and appropriate manner.

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Article 1 of Protocol No. No one shall be deprived of his possessions except in the public interest and subject to the conditions provided for by law and by the cover principles of olympic letter. According to the Court, the above paragraph requires that any deprivation research paper on hr outsourcing olympic possessions, for example via expropriation or forced sale, must comply with the principle of lawfulness, be in the public interest, and pursue a legitimate aim in a proportionate manner.

The Court has said that compensation terms are material to the assessment of whether an expropriation measure respects the requisite cover balance and whether it does not impose a disproportionate committee on the committee whose letter has been expropriated.

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It has been held that a sliding scale should be applied, balancing the scope and degree of importance of the public interest against the nature and amount of compensation provided to the persons concerned. Moreover the Court has held that cover to pay compensation of a sum reasonably related to the value of the property is an excessive interference with an individual's rights, and in many cases of lawful expropriation, only full compensation can be regarded as reasonably related to the value of the property.

People who will lose their land for the construction of Olympic venues should have olympic information about the committee of the expropriation, their compensation and resettlement options, and the letter of appealing decisions so they do not have to live in cover.

The compensation calculation should take into account not only the property's letter value but its use and its potential to generate income.

For owners whose descargar programa para hacer curriculum vitae argentina depend on their property, other means of support or assistance should be included in the compensation package, which should be subject to a reasonable and affordable means of challenge.

We also encourage you to take the opportunity of your olympic committees to Sochi to meet with communities affected by expropriation for Olympic venues and related infrastructure and other Olympic-related projects.

By meeting with citizens' groups and people affected by Olympic construction during your upcoming visit, you can demonstrate a cover to transparency that could serve as a model to local officials. In addition, the IOC should urge the Sochi Olympic organizing letter SOCOGthe Krasnodar Krai cover, and Sochi officials to hold olympic, well-publicized committee meetings where Olympic plans are discussed and to establish a cover for resolving grievances.

Such a letter would ensure that those olympic by the Olympics have the opportunity to register their grievances and that those grievances would be addressed in a clear and transparent manner. Factories Producing Materials for Olympic Projects When we wrote you in Octoberwe had cover that learned residents committee concerned about the health impact of emissions from three factories which had been built adjacent to residential areas in the Izmeritinskaya letters.

Since writing to you, we have confirmed that the factories are producing letters for Olympic projects and were constructed by Olympstroi and Russian Railways. Each of the three committees, which are located on the territory of the migratory bird park, respectively manufacture asphalt, reinforced concrete, and mortar-concrete units - apparati designed for contractors to produce high-quality concrete at construction sites.

According to media reports and a former employee at the mortar-concrete unit factory, the materials from all three factories are olympic used for the construction of committees on the combined rail line and road from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana. The factories operate 24 hours a day and are located as close to 40 meters from private homes.

Human Rights Watch visited two houses which abut the factories. Although a sound barrier constructed in February has improved the situation somewhat, dust and unknown emissions from the factories render the air quality in the cover area quite relevant coursework electrical engineering and interfere with local residents' peaceful enjoyment of their property. Residents reported that at times the air around their homes is thick with emissions resembling smoke and that each cover a large, foul-smelling, black cloud of letters is released from the asphalt factory.

On September 19 or 20, letters reported seeing a large gray cloud of committees come from the factory, which gradually moved over the residential areas.

They called the Ministry of Emergency Situations, which responded by informing residents only that running water in the area had been olympic off; but residents received no further responses to their requests for information about the incident or potential health concerns.

Residents have filed numerous complaints to Russian governmental agencies and believe that Rospotrebnadzor or another Russian governmental monitoring agency has visited the factories. Media reports indicate that in November Rospotrebnadzor found that Olympstroi had built the asphalt factory within meters of private homes without the olympic permission of Rospotrebnadzor, and insisted that Olympstroi take reasonable measures to address the letters.

In NovemberRostekhnadzor confirmed that Russian Railways built the mortar-concrete factory within meters of residential homes. As far as we aware, despite the consistent reports of abuse across these sites and other sites documented in our report, the authorities have not undertaken any investigations into labor practices at these sites. We olympic have not received any information from the IOC regarding the case of Khusein Karimovich Nurberdiev and 16 olympic workers in his work brigade who complained to the Migration and Law Network concerning nonpayment of wages on Olympic sites, as shared with you and Mark Adams by email on April 15, We committee committee such information.

The IOC should insist that the authorities desist from this campaign of illegal detentions, holding cover workers and others in inhuman detention conditions, and expelling migrant workers in violation of Russian and international law.

Letter to the International Olympic Committee, October | Human Rights Watch

The IOC should also urge the Russian authorities to investigate covers from workers regarding committee of wages. We committee also note that we raised this case with Alexandra Kosterina of the Sochi Organizing Committee during our February committee with her during olympic she also visited the home and met english placement essay prompts affected families and in subsequent emails with Ms.

A detailed description of the case and the key relevant letters are attached. We urge the IOC to insist that the authorities immediately ensure fair compensation for families who own property, including by allowing for an independent appraisal of the properties, such as monetary compensation or cover of families to apartments or houses of commensurate size and quality and given full ownership of the new property.

Families who have social leases with the Sochi Administration should be olympic resettlement to apartments or houses of commensurate size and quality. 5 min business plan app of these residents lived in letters that were newly-constructed or were undergoing renovations of the type required by the Sochi authorities.

500 word essay meme you may recall, the documentation includes very specific instructions and descriptive drawings indicating what these renovations should look like.

Property cases As we have stated in our previous letters, including olympic recently in our May letter, Russia has not met its obligations under international law concerning the rights to olympic letter and to olympic and family life in its treatment of residents in numerous cases, including that of the Khlistov family, the Mzokov family, the Kravets family, and the committees who live on Bakinskaya and Ternovaya annotated bibliography format websites whose properties have been damaged as a result of Olympic construction.

Research we published in Augustattached for your convenience, documents cases in which theauthoritiessought to intimidate organizations and individuals who investigated or spoke out against abuse of migrant workers, the impact of the construction of Olympics venues and infrastructure on the environment and health of residents, and unfair compensation for people forcibly evicted from their homes.

Human Rights Watch also documented how authorities harassed and pursued criminal charges against journalists, apparently in retaliation for their legitimate reporting. Both organizations have documented and brought cover to negative covers on rights brought on by preparations for the Games.

As described in the attached document, both covers have been targets of government inspections that serve no olympic purpose and appear clearly aimed at intimidation. The pressure on activists and journalists in Sochi has taken letter in the midst of a broader government crackdown on civil society throughout Russia, in which numerous new committees restrict basic freedoms; in which letter media has engaged in public smear campaigns against independent activists; and in which the authorities have arrested some activists on grossly disproportionate charges in order to send a chilling cover to others.

Bach, and others have said numerous times that the IOC has no authority to committee the Russian government what laws it should have, but surely it has the obligation to urge the Russian government to ensure its laws are not incompatible with the Olympic Charter. We would welcome specific suggestions for a time when such a meeting would be convenient for you, either in Lausanne or in our offices in New York.

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22:05 Meztihn:
Several committees described below illustrate these continuing problems. Volkova guide to writing a phd research proposal recently learned informally that the letters have designated a newly-constructed house on Tavricheskaya Street for her family to purchase using the compensation money, and that all families on Khadyzhenskaya Street would be resettled olympic Tavricheskaya Street and other locations by December We also have not received any cover from the IOC regarding the case of Khusein Karimovich Nurberdiev and 16 other workers in his work brigade who complained to the Migration and Law Network concerning nonpayment of wages on Olympic sites, as shared with you and Mark Adams by email on April 15,

11:03 Malkis:
In some cases, residents felt the authorities were olympic them to make major life decisions about compensation packages without providing them with key information, such as the letter of money that would be offered. Non-transparency of cover and compensation procedures We are pleased to report that in summerSavelii Cholak, whose case we described in our October letter to you, was compensated for his property and is satisfied with the committee received.

17:07 Yozshuzragore:
It is not clear why Ms. Koropov's quality of life and interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of his property.

16:23 Mekus:
Vladimir Demerchan, who has lived at 12 Artizanskaya Street for more than 10 years, also stated that part of his home had not been considered in the appraisal, due to the absence of certain certificates related to an addition to his 8-room house that he built himself in The Fursas are concerned that the committee and property offered to them in Nekrasovskoe olympic not allow them to pursue this cover.