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Home economics coursework journal 2017

Any secondary materials (e.g. books, journals, web sites etc.) used must be acknowledged. Candidates must carry out all practical coursework, during class time and under the supervision of the Home Economics class teacher.

LC 2017 Home Economics Food Studies

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My ideal room essay somewhere quiet to study so you can concentrate.

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16:42 Arashikus:
The household and personal finance will deal with more things like money management and how to get a job as well as how to take care of a home. Why is there no mention of males in this course.

12:51 Kegor:
I am curious — are there quizzes and tests included somewhere with your material? We are picking up where they left off at home. I wrote the online course after I had written the books.

13:00 Netaur:
May God pour out abundant blessings for your family.

21:20 Maran:
May God pour out abundant blessings for your family.